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The hats, once indispensable clothing accessories, are still very fashionable items, so our collection includes a vast assortment.


We believe that felt hats are a strength of our winter collection, made in a variety of styles, from the classic "Borsalino" hat to the cowboy hat and then in some modern, new and original forms. The variety of forms makes the hats suitable for any occasion, thanks in part to the extra care taken in choosing the felt, not only in single colours but also mélange or shaded.
Another important aspect is the careful search for trimmings that are increasingly used today. Strass appliqués, pins and a number of fashion jewellery elements add to ribbons, feathers and flowers, accentuating the originality of each item.
The use of decorative elements leaves considerable room for changes that our customers can ask for in order to personalise their hat.


Knitted hats and berets occupy another important place in our production of fashion accessories.
A wide variety of single-colour and fancy yarns and different manufacturing techniques are used, such as inlays, Jaquard and crocheting for hand-made berets. In recent years hats developments have led to the introduction of very unusual yarns, often shaded and mélange, but without forgetting the classics, like Angora wool, acrylic, mohair and blended wool.
Beret types produced range from the Basque and Peruvian styles to flatcaps and hoods, sometimes with the application of synthetic furs.
The cap collection also includes thermoplastic hats, produced by blending two or more yarns, one of which is always thermoplastic. This process produces a cone of wool that is then "blocked" on ad hoc forms and turned into a rigid hat.


Like the near city of Florence, Signa is also known as a straw hats town.
It was here that the now defunct "trecciaiole", or plaited hats, began to be manufactured, starting from simple and very beautiful braids of straw to make hats that were once very fashionable. But the straw hat has maintained a certain popularity; our production involves the use of different materials, such as visca, paper, sisal and, of course, straw. Styles range from the classic, unadorned hat, simple yet unique, to the more original creations decorated with flowers, ribbons and various appliqués.
Braided hats are currently very much in vogue, and the summer collection proposes a number of variations on the theme, with single-colour or fancy braids or braids mixed with straw plaits, creating new and much-sought-after items.
The summer production also includes hand-made hats and berets, some made from cotton, single- and multi-colour, and others crocheted, an age-old technique but still very much used to create interesting inlays.
Felt hats
Straw hats
Hat with flower
Ribbon hats
One should not forget that it is possible to match summer and winter hats with our selection of scarves and gloves.
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